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To Lose Weight Fast - Get Enough Sleep
When you are not getting enough sleep it's impossible for you to lose weight. The Nurses' Health Study, conducted in a clinical setting for over 16 years discovered that participants who slept fewer than 5 hours every night gained 32% MORE fat, a whopping 33 lbs more on average. and were 15% more likely to become obese.
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When you are not getting enough sleep your hormones goes crazy. Most of us know hormones are somehow involved with the management of our weight, but we don't really know how. How does leptin and ghrelin allow you to easily determine when to eat and what prevents you from losing weight?

How to lose weight fast sleep deprivation

What happen when you don't get enough sleep?

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Leptin Tell Your Brain You've Consumed Enough food.
Grehlin role is to Tell Your Brain You Need to Eat more.

Combine these two hormones with a lack of sleep and you've created an impossible situation to lose weight. In fact, a recent study from the experts at Stanford University plainly shows us that how these two hormones either work together, or fail to work because we don't get enough sleep.
Michael Breus, PhD, author of Beauty Sleep and the clinical director of the sleep division for Arrowhead Health in Glendale, Ariz., demonstrates why these findings are so vitally important to losing weight. "Leptin is the hormone that tells you to stop eating, and when you are sleep deprived, you have less leptin." "Ghrelin is the 'go' hormone that tells you when to eat, and when you are sleep-deprived, you have more ghrelin. You are eating more, plus your metabolism is slower when you are sleep-deprived." both Dr. Breus and Dr. Phyllis Zee from Center for Sleep and Circadian Biology Northwestern agrees that "When sleep and eating are not aligned with the body's internal clock, it can lead to changes in appetite and metabolism, which could lead to weight gain."

Another hormone that gets out of control when you don't get enough sleep is Cortisol.
Cortisol once played a very important role before it became your little fat demon, in fact at one point in time cortisol saved our species, allowing us to hold onto fat when we had access to less food, and lose it when we discovered a feast. However now Cortisol does more to cause weight gain than you may realize. Cortisol, the well-known "stress hormone" is released in greater amounts when there is a lack of sleep. Cortisol make us hungry and cause us to store fat much more quickly.

How to lose weight fast sleep chart

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need To Lose Weight?

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The Nurses' Health Study, conducted in a clinical setting for over 16 years discovered that women who slept fewer than 5 hours every night gained 32% MORE fat, and whopping 33 lbs more on average!
Women who slept slightly more, for a total of 6 hours a night, still gained extra weight without eating more calories. In fact they were still 12% more likely to gain weight and 6% more likely to become obese compared with the women who slept for a minimum of 7 hours a night. And further research demonstrates that these same women were 15% more likely to become obese without eating extra calories than women who slept more than 7 hours per night.
Recent scientific research published in the International Journal of Obesity discovered that you will experience optimal weight loss when you sleep between 6 to 8 hours every night.

So what happen when you do get enough sleep?

Your brain releases more Leptin, which tells your body you've consumed enough food and eliminate impulsive food craving.
Your body had less Grehlin which signal your brain that you don't need to eat more.
Sleeping more fasten your metabolism.
When your body is rested, it releases lower amount of Cortisol which reduces the feeling of hunger and enable to burn fat more quickly.

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PHYLLIS ZEE, MD, PHD Neurology, Neurobiology & Physiology Director, Sleep Disorders Program, Center for Sleep and Circadian Biology Northwestern.

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To Lose Weight Fast - Don't Skip Meals
While it may seems logical, if you eat less - you'll gain less, but skipping a meal is not a good idea.
So what really happen in your body when you skip a meal?
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What really happen in your body when you skip a meal?

  • First your body go in to what scientifically called 'starvation mode', This is a state where your body believe that there is a shortage of energy sources, and therefor start conserving and saving calories, making it almost impossible to lose weight.
  • The second thing that happen and may seem as calories burn, is a increase burn in muscles, The larger contributor to your metabolic rate. and as your metabolism slows you begin to gain weight.
  • Another common reaction is to overeat on the next meal after the one you skipped. "Hunger can be a powerful trigger to eat and overeat," says dietitian Molly Gee, RD, MEd, of the department of medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. "If you skip one meal, by the time you arrive at the next you are probably going to choose larger portions of the wrong types of food, and you may not be fully aware of this effect even as you eat that larger meal."
How to lose weight fast Dont Skip Meals

What happens when people skip meals?

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Most recent study published in the medical journal 'Metabolism', looked at what happens when people skip meals and end up east just as much or more at the end of the day, when they finally get food. The study conducted by diabetes researchers at the National Institute on Aging, involved healthy, normal weight men and women. For two months the study subjects ate three meals a day. Then for another eight week period, they skipped two meals but ate the same amount of calories in one evening meal, sometime between 4 - 8pm. The research found that skipping meals during the day and eating one large meal eventually resulted in potentially risky metabolic changes. The meal skippers had elevated fasting glucose levels and delayed insulin response - conditions that if persisted could lead to, slower metabolism, weight gain and even a risk of diabetes.

Another fascinating study conducted by The National Weight Control Regisrty, shows that people who successfully lost up to 72 pounds, and maintained their weight loss for over five years, were more likely to eat breakfast and maintain a consistent eating pattern across weekdays and weekends than those who were not able to maintain their weight loss.

And its not just your weight loss that you put at risk when you skip meals, but your family as well. a recent study of the health and diet habits of 2,500 pairs of teen-aged twins, siblings or half-siblings showed that those whose family skipped meals were more likely to be obese or overweight.

Reference Molly Gee, RD, MEd, Department of medicine, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston.
Impact of reduced meal frequency without caloric restriction on glucose regulation in healthy, normal-weight middle-aged men and women. Metabolism. 2007 Dec;56(12):1729-34.
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To Lose Weight Fast - Avoid Cadrio And Ab Exercises
First you'll need to get your nutrition right, once you are following the right plan for you, and your body is naturally receptive to burning fat, you should look for a program to support your muscle buildup and weight management.
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This may sound crazy, but when you look at the facts, you'll realized. yes, To lose weight fast, you should avoid cardio and abs exercises. in fact, a recent study published in "The British Journal of Sport Medicine", followed a group of 58 overweight people who completed 12 weeks of supervised aerobic training without changing their diets, the group lost an average of seven pounds and many lost barley half of that.

The truth is that these cardio and ab exercises will not help you burn fat, but will result in burning lean muscle and carbohydrates.

How to lose weight fast avoid cardio and ab exercises

What your ideal fat burning workout?

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"Walking, even at a very easy pace, you'll probably burn three or four calories a minute", beyond what you would use quietly sitting in a chair, said Dan Carey, Ph.D., an assistant professor of exercise physiology at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, who studies exercise and metabolism. Yes, First you'll need to get your nutrition right, once you are following the right plan for you, and your body is naturally receptive to burning fat, you should look for a program to support your muscle buildup and weight management. "If you work out at an easy intensity, you will burn a higher percentage of fat calories" than if you work out a higher intensity, Dr Carey says, in fact he found out that there is a precise level of intensity which is ideal for fat burning, and based on a simple mathematical formula, and I promise you, it is far less than what you think, we will get to that latter on.

So here is where you can start: Add 15 to 20 min of a daily walk to your routine, then slowly increase the intensity, just liked its outlined in the formula.

Reference The British Journal of Sport Medicine. 2009;43:883 doi:10.1136/bjsm.2009.068148
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To Lose Weight Fast - It's Not Your Fault
No one likes to hear it, in fact, it may take you a few moments to stomach the fact that you have been misled. Honestly, most of the people who have misled you didn't do it because they wanted to hurt you, they just didn't know the things you know now.
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It's not your fault! These are very powerful words. What is even more powerful is they are true! It's not your fault that you are overweight and it's certainly not your fault you can't lose weight.

No one likes to hear it, in fact, it may take you a few moments to stomach the fact that you have been misled. Honestly, most of the people who have misled you didn't do it because they wanted to hurt you, they just didn't know the things you know now. We encourage you to share this with anyone who taught you otherwise so that they can see amazing result in their weight loss too!
We already established that many of the people who have misled you, maybe like your parents or perhaps even your old-school doctor aren't doing it because they want to hurt you, they are just following the same poor advice millions of others did before people began to discover these secrets.

So who or what is misleading?

The simplest answer we can provide is that the multi-billion dollar per year diet industry has misled all of us for years. Can you imagine spending 60 billion dollars per year on weight loss products alone? Well consumers did just last year! Consider this; why do we need so many diet products? Why do the same overweight people keep using different ones with no long term results? Because they don't work! We've all tried them and realized that they just flat out don't work, plain and simple! Chances are you are sitting here now, listening to this because the last diet, or the last ten diets didn't work for you for one reason or another.

Why So Many Diet and Weight Loss Products Fail?

Remember this slide the next time you think of picking up the latest fad diet at the grocery store, or read a tabloid that tells you that eating only bananas for three weeks is the ultimate way to melt away the pounds. People in the diet world know that their products don't work, and perhaps they work for a sere few, and perhaps they even set out on a journey to help people but what they realized is that they liked making the money, even if they couldn't provide the answer. If they did none of us would be sitting here right now trying to learn about what really works to help you quickly burn fat.

How does the diet industry continue to get away with providing us with products that flat out don't work? Simple, they provide short term results, and too many promises that we absolutely NEED to believe because we NEED hope. Imagine what would happen if you DID lose weight permanently; they'd lose a customer, wouldn't they? If you held a stake in the billion dollar diet industry would you want to completely eliminate your customer base by helping them to discover the simple solution to permanently losing weight? Many would say no but perhaps your ethical pendulum swings more toward the "good" like ours, and maybe you truly would want to help people like we do.

The diet industry is partially unregulated, meaning the FDA, or no one else for that matter, is involved in monitoring which potentially harmful chemicals you are really putting into your body every time you swallow a diet pill. we even heard of handy, pills fix all problems herbal supplement marketed for weight loss which actually caused irreversible damage and even deaths among hundreds of medical complications for those who didn't see the light before this dangerous toxin as was pulled from drug store shelves.

What tactics do they use to reel you in?

  • They work really hard to make you believe you will lose weight and be successful by building trust in their product. This is done through testimonials, (are these even real people), so-called scientific evidence and money-back guarantees. Almost no one takes the industry up on these guarantees because consumers don't want to feel like they failed.
  • They prey on your desperation. It's no secret how badly we all want to be healthy and slim and after all our failed attempts our desperation is quite apparent.
  • Then there is the misinformation spread all over the media. They are counting on you to be overwhelmed, confused and unknowledgeable about how to achieve long-term weight loss through proper nutrition.
Is it any wonder we sit here pretty much where we started on our weight loss journey? Many of us are worse off, having regained the pounds we lost on these crash diets, and even more!

So what can you do?

Avoid any guilt! feeling sorry and guilty would not help you lose weight, but only increase your insecurity and hope in losing weight. You must realize that you have the opportunity to change it all now. what ever happened in the past does not matter. right now you have a chance to get the body you always wanted, and nothing can stop you. not even fad diet scams, you already know how to identify these, and stick to healthy long term solution.

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To Lose Weight Fast - Avoid Processed Food
If you had processed food before, you probably know that it doesn't taste so great, but why is it really so dangerous, and will makes it almost impossible for you to lose weight.
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Processed foods are made based on chemical, and when it hit your system, your body struggles to digest them properly. Live enzymes are crucial for your body in order to digest and absorb the nutrients in food, and processed foods contain NONE. In fact, not only do they cause your stomach to feel upset, and block your body from receiving the nutrients you require, they actually deplete you of energy! Want to hear the super scary part? When you eat processed foods you are destroying healthy cells AND once you have consumed enough processed foods you begin to ALTER your DNA!

Other common reaction to processed foods aside to weight gain are: Weight Gain, Chronic Disease (from inflammation), Allergies, ADHD, Upset Stomach or IBS, Cellular Death and Mutation, Altered DNA

So, what exactly is processed foods?

Foods that contain any of the following ingredients. and yes, many of these may be labeled as 'healthy' but, I'll show you a simple trick how you can tell the difference.
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Trans-Fats/Hydrogenated Oils
  • Isolated Soy Protein
  • Sugar
  • Trans-Fat
  • Salt
Once you'll stop eating microwaveable meals, frozen vegetables and prepackaged snacks, this is where you'll start seeing real results.

I mihgt be surprised to see how many of the foods you are eating is actually processed food, when you start reading the labels and seeing the chemical it contain. But the real trick is to know how to tell the difference from a far. yes, there are simple signs that will tell you exactly what you should stay a way from. and though the food companies constantly come up with new ways to entice and lure you into buying their products, simply look out for the following words:

Natural - sound healthy, well the fact is that therce is no such a thing, what it actually mean is that it contain natural flavor 'taste like'. According to the USDA, the term natural has only been defined for meat and poultry. Currently, no standards exist for this claim except when used on meat and poultry products. There is no organization behind the claim other than the company manufacturing or marketing the product, and there is no third-party certifier.

Low-fat is just another word for added sugar and calories, Yes, there is less fat, but the fat is just replaced with sugar and chemicals. This keeps you coming back for more, giving you a sense that you eat something healthy, when actually you may be harming your system. Low-fat products are NOT truly designed to help you lose weight!

Diet - The label "diet" means sugar-free, but not chemical-free. Artificial sweeteners are full of chemicals and contain formaldehyde, an ingredient used in embalming fluid! Be highly aware of of hidden sugars, and even chemicals that aren't necessarily sugar but have the same pound adding effect as regular 'sugar'.
The food company won't list it as 'sugar' because they know that 'sugar' is a no-no word and decreases sales, instead they will hide the true 'sugar' into words like sucrose, fructose, or corn syrup. And what's worse are the chemicals like aspartame, and sugar alcohols which are not technically sugar but cause significant weight gain, and deregulate your blood sugar leaving you hungrier than ever before.

Which food should you eat to lose weight?

Which food should you eat to lose weight?

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So what should you eat? food that contain as few ingredients as possible. foods like. Chicken, Steak, Fish, Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Eggs, Olive oil, Butter, Rice. the list goes on and on, there are so many combination you can create, and the best part is the amazing flavors this type of food have.

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To Lose Weight Fast - Drink Plenty Of Water
Participants who drank 16oz of water right before a meal, consumed 75 - 90 calories less, and lost 15.5 pounds over the course of 12 weeks. find out how much you should drink to lose weight?
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You probably heard it before, but why is it really so important to drink water, and more so, how is it related to losing weight?

A clinical study of The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism reported that over the course of a year, a person who increases his water consumption by 1.5 liters a day burns an extra 17,400 calories. which equal to weight loss of approximately five pounds, without doing any exercises or changing the food you eat, simply by drinking water.

Water consumption and calories burn

Water consumption and calories burn, how much should you drink to lose weight?

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How did this happen? Dr. Michael Boschmann, MD, and his colleagues from Berlin's Franz-Volhard Clinical Research Center found that water consumption increased the rate at which calories were burned, while increasing your metabolic rate by 30%. The researchers found that up to 40% of the increase in calorie burning was caused by the body's attempt to heat the ingested water. This is called the thermogenic effect and is an effective approach to weight loss. so basically your body is burning calories simply by trying to cool down the water you drink, its kind of like workingout with out the workout.

Brenda Davey, PhD, associate professor of nutrition at VA tech and senior author of a new study linking water consumption with weight loss, found drinking 16 oz. of water before meals will help you to lose weight with less effort. and that it is one of the most effective strategies to lose weight fast. In her research, Dr Davey discovered that participants who drank 16oz of water right before a meal, consumed 75 - 90 calories less, and lost 15.5 pounds over the course of 12 weeks. that's more than one pound a week, without changing anything else in their diet.

How much should you drink to lose weight fast?

How much should you drink to lose weight?

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How much should you drink? One more thing you'll need to know, before you run to get another glass of water is how much water is ideal for you to maximize your weight loss. Drink two 8oz glasses of water before ever meal. Drink at least 1 cup of water every two hours.

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To Lose Weight Fast - Go Crazy On Vegetables
Most people eat the same weight of food each day. so when you choose to eat high fiber, water rich foods, you eat the same weight of food and feel fuller on a fewer calories.
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One of the most effective ways to lose those extra pounds is to control hunger, Eating healthy high-fiber foods makes you feel full, so you can resist eating more food than you need. Fibrous foods also can take longer to chew, giving your brain time to get the signal that you have had enough to eat. but what does it have to do with fruits and vegetables? A LOT! you see, fruits and vegetables are high nutrition foods which are rich in fiber. in fact, a new study by Dr Barbara Rolls the author of "The Volumetrics Eating Plan" discovered that most people eat the same weight of food each day. so when you choose to eat high fiber, water rich foods, you eat the same weight of food and feel fuller on a fewer calories.

Apple VS donut, Which One You

Apple VS donut, Which One You'll Choose?

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The way that it all works is that there are two type of foods, High nutrient and high energy. lets look at this scenario. You are hungry and it is a few hours until dinner so you decide you want a snack. You can choose either an apple or a glazed donut. They are roughly the same size and either food works as a quick snack so you can get back to work. Which one do you choose? Hopefully you chose the apple. Why? The apple has around 80 calories and lots of vitamins, fiber and phytochemicals that will keep you healthy. The fiber and water in the apple will fill your stomach and keep you satisfied until dinner.
The donut has calories. Lots of calories. In fact, the donut has more than 200 calories but it doesn't have many nutrients. There is only about one gram of fiber so it won't keep you feeling full either, so eating that glazed donut will frequently lead to eating a second one. The donut also has lots of unhealthy saturated fat and plenty of sugar. Sure it tastes good, but your body might pay quite a price for the immediate gratification.

You can also compare nutrient density using the amount of calories in the food rather than volume or portion size. Let's compare a cup of carrot slices to four saltine crackers. Both snacks have about 50 calories, but the carrots have many more nutrients for the same number of calories. The carrots are nutrient dense; the crackers are energy dense. This is important for people on weight-loss diets. Foods that are low in calories, but high in fiber and other vitamins, will keep you satisfied and healthy while you lose weight.

People who are not used to eating fresh fruits and vegetables are often surprised to realize that there is a big difference between the fresh and the frozen one. it is only when they make the switch to fresh produce that they actually begin to lose weight, as well as discover what these fruits and vegetables really taste like, and what they have been missing on all these years.

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To Lose Weight Fast - Detox Your Home
If you know anything about how your environment affects your behaviors then you will understand why it is absolutely vital to detoxify your home in order to effortlessly lose weight. This is one of the simplest way to put a permanent end to sabotaging your weight loss!
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Your kitchen is the primary focus when it comes to detoxing your home for things that threaten your fast weight loss. A popular saying of Jillian Michaels, the well-known fitness guru of the popular television show "The Biggest Loser" is "Get it out of your kitchen!" Imagine your regular day, you wake up tired, and reach for the first thing you see to fill your hungry stomach, which, if you are like most people, is cereal. What are most cereals packed with? Sugar and simple carbohydrates (including some of the sneaky ones like high fructose corn syrup). What if that cereal wasn't there? What would you reach for? A breakfast bar, also packed with sugar? Microwavable sausage, a highly-processed chemical and fat filled food. But what if all that you had to reach for were things that promoted your health, foods that guaranteed your weight loss success! By detoxifying your home and stocking it full of delicious nutrient dense foods you will lose weight faster and experience more energy throughout the day. Before you begin tearing through your kitchen tossing out anything that has more than two ingredients we must formulate a plan.

Step One - Find a Clean-Out Buddy

Why do you need a friend to help you clean out the toxins from your kitchen? One, because it is always more fun with two! Truly though you need someone to keep you accountable. Many of us find that it is entirely too easy to convince yourself to keep things that aren't healthy for you because it's "just not that bad". Find someone who will hold you accountable, and who wants to experience a dramatic difference in their life by following these tips and embark on this journey together.

Step Two - Clean Out Your Cupboards, The Three Second Rule Game.

The next step is to clean out your cupboards. Avoid processed foods, as your guide here. Throw it out if it has:
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Trans-Fats/Hydrogenated Oils
  • Isolated soy protein
And if it has more than a little of any of the big three, throw it out.
  • Sugar
  • Fat
  • Salt

Pretend that you are playing a game. You must have a trash bag handy to make this work! Pull out your trash bag, grab the first food item you see in the cupboard front of you, flip it over, and only give yourself three seconds to determine if you should toss it. If there is ANY question in your mind toss it! Throw it out if it has more than a few ingredients or ingredients you even suspect are unnatural. Remember to read ONLY the fat, sugar, sodium/salt, and ingredients section. Don't look at the marketing because if you are like many of us, that is what sucked you into believing it was healthy in the first place. Many people find this is easiest if they begin to live by the saying, "If in doubt, throw it out!"

Step Three - Clean Out Your Refrigerator.

Most of us dread cleaning out our refrigerators but believe me when I say that this is vital to your success and many people love how much less confusing it is to decide "what to eat" when you hang there with the refrigerator door open. Make sure to look through all of your dressings, toppings, and anything that may be considered a condiment, even condiments that you might think are vegetable based. Clean it all out.

Step four - Hiding Places.

Now it's time to take a look at the rest of your home. Do you have food hidden around your house? Are there potato chips under your bed, pretzels stuck in your couch or candy bars in your desk drawer? Painful as it might seem at first you have to unhide and toss all of the foods that really cause harm and block your weight loss, even those that you hide in your car. Remember that you will be able to replace them with the foods your body truly requires, and don't worry, there are hundreds to choose from!

Step five - Restock.

You've done all of the hard work, now it's time to remember which foods you might like to have in your house and car that will help you lose weight and improve your health. It's restock time! Try to shop around the outside of the store first. Consider picking up fruits and vegetables that you don't normally eat, try something new, you never know what might become your next favorite food. In fact, many people who rarely eat vegetable and fruits are often amazed by just how sweet, crunchy, savory and satisfying snacking on these power packed nutrient dense foods can be. The easiest tip that I can provide you with here for proven success is to pick out as many foods as possible that have not been changed. For example, eat a whole banana, not sugar packed banana chips, or slice of tomato instead of tomato paste or tomato juice. Try to find foods in their most natural state. One of the easiest ways to lose weight is to just make sure that you don't allow sabotaging foods to enter your cart. If they aren't in your cart, they can't go home with you. Some treats are okay, some of the time, but it is easy to slip back into a pattern where "just this one" becomes "only ten more". Remember that life IS about enjoyment though so it is okay to occasionally indulge and that our focus here is to introduce more foods that will help you lose weight, not completely eliminate the occasional special treat.

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To Lose Weight Fast - Reward Yourself
Reward yourself to lose weight fast. It sounds simple, but it is vital to your success. Want to know why rewarding yourself is so incredible beneficial to your weight loss success? One word. Motivation.
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Many people struggle to stay motivated and ultimately sabotage what would have been an easy weight loss solution. When you embark on your journey to quickly shed unwanted pounds it is vital to set goals and milestones. Your end goal should be focus on the total amount of weight you want to lose in pounds. Milestones are smaller weight loss goals, such as five or ten pounds but the total pounds can be any number that will help to keep you motivated. Your goal is to set a pre-determined award, or list of awards for each milestone allowing you to reap twice the benefits, both health, a gorgeous body and feeling good while you work toward your goals. But like your milestones and goals, these rewards must be measurable.

You can decide what type of award makes you feel the most rewarded with one exception; food. One of your main goals should be to stop using food as a way to comfort yourself and reinforce good behavior. What do you love to buy or do? Generate a list that allows you to choose a non-food reward each time you reach a milestone. People who are highly successful in weight loss and every other endeavor in their lives set rewards for each goal. When you make the conscious decision to begin your final weight loss journey make sure that you choose rewards that easily reinforce your desire to continue down the path to a healthier, more fit you. Pick rewards that make you feel so incredible that they will trigger your "stop" mechanism the next time you want to inappropriately indulge.

Find out how rewarding yourself can help you stay motivated and lose weight.

Find out how rewarding yourself can help you stay motivated and lose weight.

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Some rewards that many people say help them to stay motivated include:
  • New clothing to fit your new body shape
  • Music, CD's, or Concert Tickets
  • A fun night out with your spouse or your friends
  • Or that new book you've been dying to have from your favorite author

  • Reward yourself with a major present when you reach your final weight goal. Have you ever wanted to travel to Tahiti and take your shirt of on the beach? Do it! What about taking swimming lessons now that all of your extra fat has melted away. Now that you look great you can reward yourself with virtually anything!

    Scientific evidence shows us that rewards are an amazing way to modify your "food" behaviors, and keep you motivated to achieve your final weight loss goal. In fact a report published in the Annals of Internal Medicine by doctors from the world renowned Baylor College of Medicine demonstrates that behavior modification determining rewards and milestones, making short term contracts with yourself, and working toward internalizing rewards leads to exceptional long term weight loss results. You can easily allow yourself to replace bad habits like using food as a reward by implementing simple techniques that ultimately reinforce the positive change you are seeking. Simply put, when you replace your bad habits with good habits like drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables, and getting more sleep you will begin to naturally adopt these as habits, and see long term results which we can agree is what we all truly desire. Baylor's experts even identify a major weakness with most diets stating that it is more important to focus on adding more good habits instead of focusing on losing weight and agree that eventually your tangible rewards like concert tickets or that vacation you've been craving turn into long term self-motivation. Essentially you "internalize" these rewards and achieve long term complete self-motivation along your pathway to losing your excess weight.

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    To Lose Weight Fast - Have A Natural Liquid Diet
    Have you ever reached a point where you just stop losing weight all together, no matter what you do? Many people have, and this is often the reason that people give up their weight loss goals for good! but there is a way to reactivate your body.
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    You already know how vital it is to fill your body with natural foods, that would enable your system enough enzyme to kickstart the weight loss process. one of the best ways to achieve that naturally is to do a natural liquid diet, and its been known for helping people to lose those stubborn pounds that refuse to leave.

    How does it works? when you do a natural liquid diet, you substitute hard food with liquid food such as soups, juices, yogurt and teas. yes, you'll might be surprised to know that there are more than enough calories in these to support your body, and more so, enough fresh enzyme intake, supplying the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients your body craves to enable your digestion system to function at an optimal level.

    Many diets can help you to quickly begin to look better but the results stop within weeks, and how many diets have you experienced that allow you to both look AND feel better? My guess is very few, if any.

    Terri Nelson-Bunge, a registered dietetic technician fin Pennsylvania State University tells us, "A liquid diet is not fasting; it is drinking your meals, taking your food and nutrition through an entirely liquid form. Because your nutrient needs are being met, your body is satisfied and no longer searches for nutrition by overeating. This will lead to losing weight naturally."

    A liquid diet also gives the digestive tract a rest. It contains less fiber and while fiber is necessary and beneficial, it's presence also requires more energy from the body, an energy you'll feel your body giving back to you. an all-natural liquid diet also provides the healing your body needs, by allowing the innate power of your body to take over, facilitating healing as well as fast weight loss.

    So What are some of the benefits of having a natural liquid diet?

    Digestion, Weight Loss

    Linda Page, ND, PhD, a naturopathic doctor, lecturer, and author of the book Detoxification explains to us why it is so vital to detoxify our bodies if we want to reduce the amount of effort it takes to lose weight. "Our bodies naturally detoxify every day. Detoxification is a normal body process of eliminating or neutralizing toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph glands, and skin. Just as our hearts beat non-stop and our lungs breathe continuously, so our metabolic processes continuously dispose of accumulated toxic matter. However, the environmental toxins of modern-day life - the pollutants, chemicals, other synthetic substances - are more than the average body can handle. The body doesn't know what to do with foreign substances, so it will store them outside of the regular elimination system, so we don't get poisoned. Those poisons start building up in our body fat."

    Healthy Eating Kickstart

    Most doctors agree that a natural liquid diet is a great starting point to ease into the transition toward healthier eating.


    Detoxifying the body is a great way to decrease or altogether eliminate the medication build up that prevents so many of us from losing weight PLUS this detoxification allows your body to heal and start over, It allows your immune system to reboot, revitalize, and reactivate resulting in less frequent illness.


    Many celebrities use liquid diets to virtually roll back the clock for shiny hair, glowing skin, and less cloudy eyes, since thats one of the best ways to keep your youth, by revitalizing your system, feeling and looking younger.


    Many doctors prescribe a liquid diet for Alzheimer's patients because a liquid diet has shown to reduce 'brain fog' and promote clearer thinking, something we all need every once in awhile. while the body is less busy in breaking down food it does not need, your brain benefits from the extra energy.

    A recent study published in the The Archives of Internal Medicine, directed by Dr. Thomas A. Wadden, an obesity specialist at Syracuse University, found out that liquid diet works not only in the shore term, but also provide lasting results for those who stick with it.
    517 obese patients -- 407 women and 110 men -- participated in the study. Of these, 285 participants stayed in the program until its end; they lost about 50 percent more weight than those who dropped out, typically after about 11 weeks. The average weight loss for the women was 42 pounds, down from a starting weight of 225 pounds. The men lost an average of 59 pounds, down from a starting weight of 283 pounds.

    Reference Annals of Internal Medicine, Systematic Review: An Evaluation of Major Commercial Weight Loss Programs in the United States, Adam Gilden Tsai, MD; and Thomas A. Wadden, PhD. January 4, 2005 vol. 142 no. 1 56-66.
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    To Lose Weight Fast - Get Started Right Now
    The #1 reason behind procrastinating is the fear of failure. and the only way to end it is to take an action RIGHT NOW.
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    All the information you require is here, ready and waiting for you to embrace it and begin your final weight loss journey. You don't have to wait any longer, your time has come in the here and now. You can make the conscious decision to start down the pathway to incredible health and vitality, easily melt away your undesirable pounds, and gain the energy you've been dying to experience for many, many years. The question is, are you brave enough to lose 20 pounds, 40, maybe even 100 the safest way possible? Your ultimate body, and your amazing health are just one "Yes. I want to embark on my last weight loss journey ever, and I want to start right now" away from achieving success.

    I can almost hear your discomfort and restlessness and many of you shift in your chairs after hearing what I just told you. Yes, the most common mistake is to wait to start. Don't put it off.
    How many times have you said to yourself "I'll start tomorrow" and you know what happens when you wait. Something else comes up, you lose motivation, you decide that something outside of your body, something you must do like run to the store, or finish a project is far more important than the only true place you have to live. You only get one body. But still you say to yourself, "I will start tomorrow" believing somewhere in your conscious mind that this is actually possible. You eat all of your favorite foods tonight, and maybe even some extras just to make sure that they are not in your house when you "start tomorrow" because of course, you don't want to "waste" foods. Remember that most of what you are eating is not actually considered food. It may as well be flavored cardboard or plastic that you are digesting; it provides you with zero nutrient and just causes you to pack on the more pounds.
    If "I'll start tomorrow" really worked, would you be sitting here right now? In fact "I'll start tomorrow" is guaranteed to set you up for failure because by not starting today and overeating tonight, you feel worse and more depressed than ever, leading you right back into that vicious cycle we all know too well. You eat because you're depressed about your weight and you're depressed about your weight so you eat!

    This is a very insightful quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer, well-known lecturer, self-help advocate and author of 30 books including, The Power of Intention. Dr. Dyer lays it on the line speaking only truth about procrastination. "Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy." Many people would agree that is profound. Let me say it again, "Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy." This rings true to so many of us, doesn't it? Pay attention because his case only grows stronger as we look at more research.
    What exactly is procrastination? "I'll start tomorrow" is procrastination in the purest form. More specifically, procrastination in this scenario is the habit or act of putting off or needlessly delaying a much needed action, losing weight fast, to the point of subjective discomfort.
    You needlessly put off what you could be doing now, easily and effortlessly, and the thought of doing it is ALWAYS far worse than actually taking action.
    Researchers Tice and Baumeister, of the Tice and Baumeister social psychology lab, discovered the negative consequences of this self-defeating behavior are manifested through health problems e.g., depression, vulnerable self-esteem and anxiety. Joseph R. Ferrari, an associate professor of psychology at DePaul University, found making excuses creates terrible anxiousness in procrastinators and they wish they could stop. What do you think is the #1 reason you are procrastinating? The #1 reason behind procrastinating is the fear of failure.

    With what we've learned here today failure is not an option. This is a proven way of losing weight fast. Yes, medically proven, and typical. What is the solution for procrastination? There is one answer. Immediate Action. You must take action without delay in fact action is the only simple solution for procrastination! Right now, think about where you want to be in your weight loss goal nine days from now, 30 days from now. What will you look like? What will you feel like? How much easier will it be to climb a flight of stairs, chase after your children, and how much less effort will you need to accomplish tasks at work and around your home? How much more attention will you get from the opposite sex? What will be different in those time frames if something doesn't change today? Well, that's easy, nothing!

    Why did you come here today? To find out the secrets that will empower you to lose weight fast! Now it's time to move forward. The path you want to choose, the path you need to go down is right in front of you. By now you've realized that the only way to end procrastination is to take immediate action right now allowing you to instantly overcome your fear of failure because you WILL experience the results you truly desire. In fact the more you thinking about losing weight, the more you realize that the only person at fault if you don't take action is you. You have no more excuses, you know what to do, and you see how simply you can put it into practice. You are the ultimate decision maker in your life, so what will it be, do you want to see how you can easily melt away the pounds, gain boundless energy and achieve your ultimate weight loss goals right now?

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